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All living things must submit to these...

Who weaves the thread of destiny?

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fuck damn
adrenaline, amphetamines, andre nickatina, around the fur, atmosphere, beautiful brilliant boy men, being fake rockstars, beneath the surface, black flies, black lips, booze, cadillac girls, camus, can't even breath, chaos, chuck palahniuk, crack raider razor, crime is beauty, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, defenestrating, deftones, destruction made simple, dia de los muertos, digable planets, dinosaur jr, dp, drawing, drugs, e=mc2, eating snow, explosives, eye scream, fight club, food, francesca lia block, freddy the sobe guy, frida kahlo, geek love, ghost dog, girl goddess, good graffitti, guerrilla girls, hagakure, half baked, harry potter, illegal activities, intelligence without arrogance, irony, kung-fu movies, kurt vonnegut, learning, lil jimmy urine, liquor, mac dre, making bed sheet angels, mc paul barman, meow mix, mindless self indulgence, monty python, mother russia, munch, non violent fortune cookies, of mexican descent, palm reading, peaches, pirates, pitch black, plotting world domination, porn 'n chicken, red lipstick, resident evil, rx queen, sacred pow wows, samurai, sarcasm, satan, saul williams, shapeshifters, shiney shiney, shows, shrooms, sippin' 40z, sloppy firsts, tea parties, tesla, the 80's, the anarchist cookbook, the animatrix, the doja, the golden compass, the icky girlfriends, the jolly roger, the spaghetti monster, the toon, thoughts and substance, totoro, undercover brother, universes, valley girl ventriloquist, videos, vivacious voracious vixens, weed, weetzie bat, white pony, women, writing, yay area, zen