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Fri, Sep. 12th, 2008, 04:25 pm

theres a lot of wayyyy too complicated people shit that i am so not equipped to deal with and i wont have to deal with soon except i will because just because you are in a different place does not always mean shit is just over. or maybe it does...

ive been trying to keep it light but i need to realize that these situations are mostly created by myself, and whether or not i meant to do them i still need to deal with them. this is like trying to unravel a bunch of knots of thread that is all the same color. the urge to just say fuck it and throw it down and walk away from it is really strong but i cant do that so im just gonna figure shit out. not all of it is bad shit but it is complex and serious an emotional where i just want to be completely unserious all the time.

im going back into my cage.