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Tue, Feb. 19th, 2008, 08:50 pm
Gary Glitter, or the Life of a Sex Offender

The quick and ugly for those of you who dont know who Gary Glitter is: British glam pop star, had a bunch of hits in the 70's including that goddamn song that always gets played at stadiums (aka Rock'n'Roll pt 2 (the Hey Song). Gary was rolling on a quite successful career for a while, even had a a restaurant called "Leader of the Snack". Unfortunately for Gary, when he took his computer to get fixed, somebody found the 4000 pictures of child pornography he had on it. He then became an official sex offender after poking a 14 year old girl. Tried to move to Cuba, didn't work out, then got kicked out of Cambodia. He moved to Vietnam in 2005, where he was arrested and convicted of rape of children and teenage girls. He is now in Vietnamese prison, but word on the street is that he will be released in August 2008. Tough break, Gary.

This is dear old Gary after he got arrested in Vietnam. Look at those eyebrows and now imagine you are an 11 year old girl.


Besides the fact that Gary Glitter is the GAYEST NAME EVER, he looks like a sweaty coked out perv in a shitload of silver. Nevermind the whole sex with little girls.

Just look at his face, man.

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